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Recovery Groups

We offer the following recovery groups on a weekly basis and in a one week intensive format.

Sex Addiction Recovery Week

This group focuses on helping the individual identify and work through issues related to their sex addiction. A safe non-shaming environment is provided that allows each participant to honestly look at their acting out behaviors as well as look at what might have set them up to act out in the first place. Addiction is addressed as a series of behaviors that are done to compulsively compensate for not knowing how to relate to self or others in emotionally healthy ways. The primary issue of objectification is brought to light and the individual is encouraged to get in touch with how they may have been objectified themselves. For more information please contact the center for a brochure and a schedule for future groups.

Abuse Recovery Groups

Weekly groups are offered on an ongoing basis focusing on recovery from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Groups can be all male, all female, or mixed. Group size varies between 8-10 people. Participants often learn that past symptoms of anxiety and depression are related to unresolved issues related to PTSD. (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome) When they are able to identify and work through these issues they find themselves getting free from negative behavior patterns and developing healthier relationships with self and others.

Anger Management

These psycho-educational groups meet for 10 weeks. Participants learn to identify anger "triggers" and develop new ways to avoid responding with anger in the moment. Relationship issues are also discussed along with possible issues with addiction(s). Individuals graduate from the class with a certificate of completion that shows their attendance in the class. 

Grief Support Group

Participants are able to share their feelings of grief, anger, and fears in a safe supportive environment. The concept of grief being a process that is ongoing is emphasized and supported. Individuals are encouraged to find ways to honor their loved one in meaningful ways that ultimately lead to their being able to move on with their positive memories intact and any negative feelings worked through.


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