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Source Therapy TM

Source Therapy TM was developed by Bill Mason over the course of his 30+ year career. It is a comprehensive therapeutic approach that is designed to help the clinician get to the original root cause of unresolved pain that typically stems from unidentified issues from childhood that have not been worked through. One of the foundational principals of Source Therapy TM has to do with the premise that we can recover our authentic self by systematically making connections from acting out behaviors and/or addictions to what set us up initially to need to split off into a false self. The need for a false self typically stems from the individual learning that it is not okay to be authentic so one has to learn to adapt to the family system. 

The false self can also be referred to as the adaptive self. As we progress through childhood into early adulthood the adaptive self sometimes will develop ways to medicate as a way of staying in the false self. Possible ways to medicate include alcohol, drugs, sex, food, work, gambling, relationships, and pornography. The medicated self runs the risk of becoming the addicted self or an addict if they do not find ways to make their unconscious thought and behavior patterns conscious. 

Source Therapy TM helps individuals identify the root cause of their developing a false self. This therapeutic modality helps individuals give a voice to their hurt parts which validates the unresolved issues and empowers them to move forward as they speak the truth about who they are and what happened that caused them to develop an adaptive self in the first place. 

Treatment can be done in individual sessions which often times includes the utilization of EMDR as a treatment protocol. It can also involve group therapy where the primary focus is on experiential work designed to recreate scenarios that involved trauma which led to the individual initially developing their adaptive self. As the individual allows them self to feel their feelings about whatever trauma they experienced they become empowered to move forward free from being encumbered or stuck in a younger hurt part of themself. 

Source Therapy TM utilizes an eclectic approach of varying dimensions of therapeutic modalities which includes EMDR, CBT, Gestalt, Psychodrama and Client Centered Therapy. The primary role of the therapist is to become an enlightened witness to the hurt parts of the client. 

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