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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


The women's group sessions I  attend at Counseling Solutions have helped me address some deep-seated issues that have been affecting my behaviors and choices for a long time. Sometimes the work is hard and unpleasant, but with the support of the group I have been able to learn how to cast off shame and accept myself as worthy of love and respect.
-Sharon T.

Bill has a way of meeting each client where they are without shame or judgement. His patience and expertise has provided a safe place for me to get in touch with difficult memories and feelings which is empowering me to get unstuck and move forward in my life.
-Melissa R

I have searched for a therapist to help me get unstuck from unhealthy relationships and different acting out behaviors for a long time. Source Therapy has been the difference that is making the difference for me. Bill's gentle but firm boundaried approach has helped me move through difficult issues from my childhood.
-Dave S. 

Bill started out asking questions I had never been asked by previous counselors. He helped me make the connections with my past trauma and my current acting out behaviors. He then helped me become empowered as I differentiated what were my issues versus issues that were carried from my primary caregivers. Thanks Bill!
-John S.

The women's group has empowered me to have a voice and make important and critical connections with how my unresolved trauma from childhood was holding me back from being fully who I was created to be.
-Karen B.

The men's group I have participated in for over a year has taught me the importance of feeling my repressed feelings that I have stuffed dating all of the way back to childhood. As I continue to get in touch with and express my feelings I find myself getting freed up to feel more grounded in the present.
-Bob T.

Unresolved complex trauma has held me back from being fully present in all of my relationships for my entire life. I did not realize that there was a way to recover until I came to Counseling Solutions and became a part of one of Bill's groups. I am eternally grateful for finding this place to recover my authentic self.
-Cindy T.

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